When and where do I upload my photo?

You can upload your image at the product/scene page prior to purchasing, or respond to the email that's sent directly after check-out.

What kind of photos do you accept?

We accept shoulder mounts, European mounts, sheds, and deadheads.

What does your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee cover?

If you aren't completely satisfied with your digital artwork, we'll refund 100% of your money.

What is your turnaround time?

Once you send your photo through email, we'll respond within 72-hours or less with your first draft!

Whats included in the purchase of a "scene"?

The cost of a "scene" covers the electronic version of the art, up to 5 revisions of that specific scene, and any custom copy or added tines.

Does it cost extra to add custom copy or add broken tines?

Nope that's all included in the cost of the scene!

What is the image size and how large can I print?

We send you a 4K High Quality Digital Image which allows you to print as large as you want, but we recommend no larger than 30"x40".

What are my options to print? Can I print myself?

You have the option to print yourself, or have us print for you! Simply visit our print shop, checkout, and we'll send the art directly to your door!

Where are you located and who will take care of my design?

Hunt Local is located in Nashville, TN. I'm a one man team when it comes to taxidermy so the owner (Colby) will take full care of your design.

More Questions? Contact Us!